February 9, 2023

PIRATE PARTY WEEK-END #SaveTheDate Pirate Party Week-end, van 14 april tot 17 april, 2023 in @strasbourg Schrijf het op in je kalender, het wordt gedenkwaardig. Meer informatie volgt spoedig.  #Strasbourg #WEPP @EuropeanPirates @ppinternational

May 17, 2022

Geheime diensten hebben de opdracht om onze vrije en open samenleving te verdedigen. Daarvoor mogen zij vergaande bevoegdheden inzetten. Die moeten effectief zijn, maar ook gebruikt worden binnen de kaders die de democratische rechtsstaat daarvoor stelt. De inzet van die bevoegdheden vindt in het geheim plaats en de gevolgen van die inzet kunnen erg ingrijpend zijn. Voor de veiligheid van onze digitale infrastructuur, of door de grote schaal waarmee de geheime diensten er gegevens mee verzamelen. Daarom is goed toezicht…

May 17, 2022

It is inherent for the Pirate movement to oppose war. Violence, and the motives behind them, are contrary to the ideals of freedom, democracy, cooperation, and the respect for human rights, which should be the foundations of any society. Thus, all peaceful and diplomatic measures to prevent a conflict need to be expended. We fear, however, that we have reached the end of such measures. Despite urgent calls from all around the world to de-escalate the situation, last night, the…

May 17, 2022

“Frankly, I think if law enforcement or a civil investigator were trying to figure out who is having an abortion, there are probably several other venues that are more realistic or more immediately useful,” said Stepanovich. “They would likely get a dump of information for the relevant data,” she continued, “such as trying to get the location information of everyone that got dropped off close to an abortion center, which is a much smaller set of data, or getting people…

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